Quarks to Quasars

QUARKS TO QUASARSKim, a Physics major student here in the Philippines. I’m an aspiring Physicist/Astrophysicist, I want to study and to help people, help them appreciate life and their existence. Help them understand things around and beyond Earth.

I want to teach kids who are less fortunate; I want to have my own school and orphanage, have my own magazine featuring different inspirational lives, aiming to help other people to appreciate and continue fighting for their own.

I am always inspired with cameras, I also want to be a professional photographer or an Astro-Photographer, and I want to work for National Geographic, Discovery channel, and NASA. I find beauty in every single creature and I want to capture it all, make stories about it and leave it as master piece.
I am fascinated in a lot of things; It is a given fact that I adore Science, Physics, Astronomy and all other fields of Sciences, Other than all of these, I am also interested in arts, music and photography. I love black and white pictures, and it makes me love history even more. I love nature, lovely landscapes and sceneries. I like everything where in I can learn something different.

I watch basketball, baseball and football, I play video games, and I watch movies and cartoons. I like writing poems and stories, I love reading books and stuffs. I love to sing, I always dreamed of singing on stage  with a lots of people watching, I always imagine myself performing, playing music and making people happy with my music.

I am posting some of personal stuffs too, some pictures and things to ponder. I am open to questions and willing to have a great conversation.

I curate and publish everything you see here by myself. I’m just doing my best to share knowledge and expose my passion.

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