Quarks to Quasars

Florian Breuer and Elmar Akhmetov

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Starburst Galaxy

Messier 82, also known as the Cigar Galaxy, is a starburst galaxy about 12 million light-years away in the constellation Ursa Major. Starburst galaxies undergo extremely high rates of star formation and are thought to represent a particular phase in a galaxy’s evolution. Because of its excessive star birth, M82 is five times brighter than our own Milky Way galaxy.

This image, from the Mount Lemmon SkyCenter, required a 28-hour exposure using the 32-inch Schulman telescope.

Image: Adam Block/Mount Lemmon SkyCenter/University of Arizona [high-resolution]

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The Pacific blackdragon is a deep sea fish, that can be found up to depths of up to 3,300 ft. Female blackdragons are about two feet long and have fang like teeth and a long chin whisker. They are black on the outside, aswell as on the inside to prevent light from swallowed bio-luminescent prey shining out. The males are small, about three inches in length, and brownish in color. They have no teeth, no chin barbel and no stomach. Unable to eat, the male lives only long enough to mate.


Random Fact # 7

I like the number 7. I always feel being the 7th on something is really cool. Except of course in contests. :)

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First of all, you do not know me personally to say that I am trying hard to act something I am not. You do not have any idea of who I am, you don’t even know my whole name. (vice versa) Second, If you think that I am someone who tries to act like something I am not, Then, hmm. I don’t know, I cannot think of any logical reason for me to explain myself to you. Thus, If you really think I am a trying hard poser, and it really bothers you a lot, then, be it. If that will make you happy? Then, It’s okay. It’s your opinion. 

Planning with the Moon’s Cycles

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The Solar System’s Most Spectacular Geology Revealed by 50 Years of Robotic Exploration

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Map and Celestial Star Chart Portraits by Ed Fairburn

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Hubble’s Latest Mind Blowing Cosmic Pictures

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The formation of the Solar System and the collision that created the Moon.

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Living with a star

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