Quarks to Quasars

Slow Life: A Macro Timelapse of Coral, Sponges and Other Aquatic Organisms Created from 150,000 Photographs

Can stress lead to death? 

Find out what stress is doing to your body, and how one can overcome it.

Time to stress about stress.

The Human Body (via KottkeSwissmiss)

Blackwater by Joshua Lambus

Incredible Human Body

(Source: facebook.com)

Paramecium Feeding


Petri Dish Paintings by Klari Reis

Life Up Close

(Source: Wired)

Zombie Apocalypse Science

Heart of Glass: The Art of Medical Models

(Source: Wired)


Minimal Posters - Six Women Who Changed Science. And The World.

The Beauty + Biology of our Food by Caren Alpert

Terra Cibus: Food Photographed with A Scanning Electron Microscope 

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Honorable Mentions

Images of specimens entered into the 2011 Small World contest included insects, microchips, desmids, cultured cells, dinosaur bones, sand, graphite, and coral. 

(Source: microscopyu.com)

Molecular Art

Molecular biology professor and artist David Goodsell has no trouble finding art in the human body. His hand-drawn watercolor illustrations explode with color while offering his visual interpretation of bacteria, viruses, and human cells. *Click images to see caption.

Life Under the Microscope

Some of the most extraordinary microscope images of life science subjects from around the world. Seeing these tiny, nearly hidden objects magnified so greatly, so vividly, can bring home the reality of the invisible microscopic worlds all around us. [24 photos]

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