Quarks to Quasars

Yay me! :)

I passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers!

Hurrayyyy! :))))



Yeah! Thank you so much guys! :)

Candy Kingdom. 

Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1

It’s Official, I’m a Bachelor’s Degree Holder.


(Pictures from the surprise TF’s movie-mini-party)

Thank you for the birthday messages. I can’t reply to your tumblr asks, I still have a problem with that. Anyways, Thank you so much! Kudos! :)

"My blog will be on hiatus for awhile"

"My blog will be on hiatus for awhile"

Random Fact # 7

I like the number 7. I always feel being the 7th on something is really cool. Except of course in contests. :)

Hello Guys, I need help.

Can help me out to look for some online-available researches, thesis like documents regarding Physics Education, Physics Education in the Philippines, electricity Education, Education in Science, Computer simulations/ CS as a tool in Education, etc.  Please and thank you. Send me the link of the articles/journals/documents through my ask. Big Help. :)

Send links here: http://expose-the-light.tumblr.com/ask

Send pdf file on my yahoo account: kim.yeyzleen@yahoo.com

I am so force per unit area-d.

OTW to School. 

Yay! It’s expose-the-light’s 1st anniversary tomorrow. :)
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