Quarks to Quasars

One Giant Leap: Frog Photobombs NASA Spacecraft Launch Photo

When in pain, take pictures. 

Spectacular Shots of This Year’s Perseid Meteor Shower

(Source: Flickr / yahooeditorspicks)

My Modern Shop Spotlight - Lincoln Harrison’s Spectacular Startrails

The Black and White Photography of Benoit Courti


Glowing Universe Overhead

(Source: shainblumphoto.com)

High Speed Photographs of Exploding Lightbulbs Filled with Objects

(Source: thisiscolossal.com)

Eclipse by Chris Busey

Lunar Eclipse 12/10/11 6:03 a.m.

Top half science, Bottom half art 

Smeared Skies Made from Hundreds of Stacked Photographs by Matt Molloy

Macro bugs by Dmitriy Yoav Reinshtein

Candy Kingdom. 

The Black Trap in Munich by Alberto Seveso

Jason Hatfield and Colleen Pinski

(Source: thisiscolossal.com)

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